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Epicurean designer Gary Hutton shares his go-to cookbooks

Above Image: A bounty of ingredients at San Francisco’s Michelin-starred Mourad; home of one of Gary Hutton’s favorite cookbooks (see below).

By Alisa Carroll

Iconic interior designer Gary Hutton is also a passionate chef, and has been refining his culinary skills for over forty years. Here, the designer known as much for his graciousness and hospitality as for his innovative interiors, shares his favorite cookbooks, ranging from local restaurants to classics. This month, an exhibition showcasing another of Hutton’s personal passions, his three-decade series of conceptual, multi-media holiday “cards,” is on view at the Museum of Craft and Design. See Encoded Holidays: Gary Hutton x Tom Bonauro through August 15, 2021 at Museum of Craft and Design.

Hutton prepares dinner for friends at his San Francisco design studio

Exterior view of restaurant and street.


Baked Artichokes with Onions, Lemons, Black Olives, and Mint

One of my favorite recipes from the Zuni cookbook, I’ve made this many times over the years. It’s great on its own but is also terrific over pasta!

Note: You can help Zuni fight hunger in San Francisco:  When you order Zuni’s signature classic roasted chicken for two as “Zuni Chicken for Community,” $10 will be donated to UR Blessings, a Hayes Valley-based organization fighting food insecurity.

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