Opulent Nature

Couturier Guo Pei’s debut collection for the rug company

Couture Fantasy, the exhibition currently on view at the Legion of Honor showcasing the work of celebrated Chinese couturier Guo Pei, leaves visitors rapturous. The designer’s virtuosic and unconventional gowns—in all their exquisite embroidery—are set amongst the museum’s collections, making a dazzling impression. The museum notes, Guo Pei “creates a fantasy that fuses the influences of China’s imperial past, decorative arts, European architecture, and the botanical world.”

Two images: On left is an ornate ballroom with golden mannequins dressed in a variety of gowns. On right is a closeup of intricate floral embroidery.

An installation of gowns in the 18th-century Salon Doré at the Legion of Honor. The magnificent embroidery of Pei’s work.

Pei has now brought that sensibility to a debut collection for The Rug Company, Opulent Nature. The collaboration “exhibits meticulous and elaborate detailing, combining elements of fashion, design, and art..,” the company notes, with each piece “encapsulating the complex history of Chinese culture…” Opulent Nature features seven rugs and two cushions inspired by traditional motifs.

Two images: On left is an arched ceiling room with textured area rug. On right is a woman concentrating on her work.

The Splendour rug; the artist at work.

Referencing Pei’s signature embroidery, the Splendour rug features a pattern of blue silk against a wool backdrop, “inspired by both Western architectural detailing found in the Musée du Louvre and traditional Eastern inlaid filigree.”

Ornately embellished room with a large area rug that reflects similar patterns and textures as the walls.

Empress Gold is an adaption of the couture gown worn by Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala, and is “symbolic of feminine power.”

Two images: On left a closeup of the whimsical graphic of a dragon and on right the rug with that pattern in a high ceilinged hall with large arched windows.
The Dragon Mist rug

Inspired by traditional illustration, Dragon Mist is crafted on a wool base, with the motif woven in golden silk and highlighted with notes of blue, evoking Chinese blue-and-white porcelain ceramics.

Throw pillow with a dragon patterned fabric.

Opulent Nature is available through Hewn  

Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy is on view at the Legion of Honor through November 27, 2022.

Two Henry Adams Street, Suite 2M-33
San Francisco, CA 94103