Object Lessons

New summer books, and re-editioned classics, celebrate art and design heritage
Three books lined up showing their graphic covers.
Above Image: Robert Leber’s monograph on Marcel Duchamp, first published in 1959 and out of print for many years, in a vibrant new slipcased edition from Hauser & Wirth.
From a superb new edition of Marcel Duchamp to esteemed design photographer Lisa Romerein’s love letter to Lotusland, summer reads are an opportunity to relax into the past and revel in the present.
Book cover with view from above of winding staircase.

Piero Portaluppi: Between Tradition and the Avant-Garde by Lorenzo Pennatti and Patrizia Piccinini (Rizzoli)

Cover of books showing vintage containers grouped on a well-used table.

Giorgio Morandi: Works Writings Interviews by Karen Wilkin (Poligráfa)

Book with cover. Title visible.

Rose Tarlow: Three Houses by Rose Tarlow (Vendome)

Book cover showing a white bedroom with splashes of colorful arts and crafts.
Simple plain book cover with title and author names only.

Design as an Attitude by Alice Rawsthorn (JRP | Editions)

Book cover image of a path through a tropical, exotic sculptured garden.

Lotusland – Photographs by Lisa Romerein (Rizzoli)

Graphic book cover.

Listening to Clay: Conversations with Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Artists by Alice North, Halsey North, and Louise Allison Cort (Monacelli)

Book cover with image of fountain in front of home and book title.

In the Temple of the Self – Margot Th. Brandlhuber, Editor (Hatje Cantz Verlag)

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